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Rowena Patton, Founder CashCPO

Rowena Patton

Cash CPO is a full market value cash offer, where the parties are aligned:

Seller         -      Agent     -       Investor

Two thirds of sellers make more money with a CashCPO offer than a 'traditional listing', without the hassle of a listing.

See founding members of CashCPO.

Think of the investor as someone who is flipping the home on behalf of the seller.




Funding Partner

Seller accepts full market value offer and goes under contract. 12 days - 90 days - their choice - they close stage one, and get up to 70% cash advance. No showings, no open houses, no fixes needed.

Agent is in charge of commissions for stage 1 closing and stage 2. For example, write offer, take 3% with a FSBO, then charge 6% for listing your new CPO listing - total of 9%

Fred Bin, CEO of Zoom Casa is our funding partner. On stage 1, they advance cash after doing an appraisal and inspection. They fund the inspection repairs and any other remodel to ensure the home sells for the most money. You now have a CPO listing - which drops out 7% of the time compared to a traditional listing which drops out 32% of the time.

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