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Mastering for Real Estate Success All the assets you need are in this course. How to build the list in 5 mins, what to say on the calls, how to get a constant stream of Assisted Living or CCR clients leads to drop in your lap. The sticker / clipboard and questions are also included. Once you have locked up your zip code ( for as low as $25 per month, roll out - in 30 minutes a day. First explore all the various options with CashCPO - first button top left on the website - and choose which niche interests you the most. You can always add more later! Course Description: This intensive course equips real estate agents with the necessary skills and strategies to secure listings through effective engagement with local Assisted Living or CCR facilities, leveraging the platform. The course covers everything from identifying facilities to utilizing CashCPO tools, aiming for quick and efficient results. It's easy, and you will gain from what we call the multiplier effect - one relationship that gives you listings on autopilot. Course Lessons: - Introduction to and Its Impact in the Real Estate Market - Understanding the Role of Facilities in Real Estate Transactions - Benefits of Securing Listings - Identifying facilities in Your Area - Strategies for Expanding Your Facility Network - Creating an Effective Contact Management System - Crafting Compelling Messages to Facilities - Scripts for Getting an Appointment - Preparing for Your First Meeting: Key Talking Points - Essential Questions for Follow-Up Conversations - Introduction to Tools and Assets from the CashCPO Team - Implementing the CashCPO Program in Your Strategy Participants will also be invited to regular zoom classes for coaching and discussion on how to implement the program.

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