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Interview with Patrick Franzen: Insights on Navigating the Complexities of Divorce

Updated: Jan 7

The Cash CPO book will be released this spring.

We're thrilled to announce that Patrick Franzen has been selected as the featured agent in the DivorceCPO section of the esteemed CashCPO book. This recognition is a testament to Patrick's exceptional skills and commitment to helping clients navigate the complex process of divorce.

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With years of experience in the real estate industry, Patrick has developed a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals going through a divorce. His expertise in this area has not only earned him a well-deserved reputation among his peers but also made a significant difference in the lives of his clients.

In the DivorceCPO section, readers will have the opportunity to gain insights from Patrick's extensive experience. He shares valuable advice on how to handle the sale or acquisition of property during a divorce, a process that can be emotionally and financially taxing. His approach combines empathy, strategic thinking, and a deep knowledge of the real estate market, ensuring that his clients receive the best possible outcome during these trying times.

Patrick's feature in the CashCPO book is more than just a professional milestone; it's a resource that will benefit many facing the intersection of divorce and real estate decisions. His stories and strategies provide practical guidance and hope to those navigating this challenging journey.

Once again, congratulations to Patrick Franzen on this incredible achievement. Your dedication to your clients and your craft is truly inspiring, and we look forward to seeing more of your impactful work.

Folks going through a divorce are often in the midst of disentangling some, or all of their joint possessions, including their ‘family home,’ and other property, as well as negotiating custody, should children, and even pets are involved. The ‘family house’ is often the most valuable asset owned by the couple. 

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Patrick Franzen: Expert in Divorce-Related Property Sales

Patrick Franzen of Asheville NC, recently guided a family through the sale of their property amid a challenging divorce. With a tactful and empathetic approach, Patrick balanced both parties' interests, ensuring a fair and expedient sale that helped the Smiths close a difficult chapter of their lives with dignity and financial security.

Patrick worked with the DivorceCPO team and helped the family get a 65% cash advance, helped coordinate the inspection funded upfront by the funding partner, and then assisted with having those items repaired, as well as a fresh coat of paint and shining up the floors. The resulting Certified Pre-owned home sold in less than 2 weeks, even though it was in a rural area, where current sales are taking months.

“A certified Pre-owned home is much preferred by buyers and buyer’s agents alike - I have worked with these homes for years, with the sellers paying for the inspection and the appraisal upfront, and the DivorceCPO program now allows sellers to get their money much faster, and have our funding partner upfront all the money for repairs, allowing them to move on with their lives. My heart went out to their children and I was so happy to assist them through this difficult time. I also work with numerous buyers and wish all homes were CPO!

Patrick Franzen, AllstarPowerhouse brokered by eXP, Asheville NC

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Rowena Patton
Rowena Patton
06 בינו׳

So glad you are featured in the Book, Patrick! 👀

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