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Check which zips are already taken here.
Each Zip is exclusive for use of the CashCPO program marketing.

All zips include free training on how to get seller leads,
prepare the offer for approval and present the offer.
Once you get your offer approved, you get paid on the buyer side, and you get the listing and get paid again. Note that the zips are exclusive, however if an agent owns a zip close to yours there may be some overlap as you are allowed to write outside your area. You will also be able to use our book 'CashCPO' as an exclusive zip owner.

2. Choose your zip code package - you will then be directed to share your required zips with us! You will also be charged the one time setup fee.

3. Want to know more? Use password cashcpo to see a discovery video.

4. Our Customer Service admin will be in touch to start you off with the basic onboarding, depending on the 'niche' you have chosen (click on options). If there is an appointed VP in your niche for your State, they will be in touch shortly.

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  • 1 Zip Code

    Every month
    +$175 Dashboards / onboard course
    Getting started!
    • Exclusive to you zip/s for registry as a CPO expert
    • Access to free monthly coaching and site
    • Write CashCPO full market offers
  • 3 zips $35

    Every month
    +$175 Set up/ Training
    • 5 Zips

      Every month
      +$175 Set up/ Training
      • 10 zips $75

        Every month
        • 20 zips $150

          Every month
          +$175 Dashboard, coaching and setup
          • 30 zips $225

            Every month
            +$175 Set up
            • 40 zips $300

              Every month
              +$175 Set up
              • 50 zips $350

                Every month
                +$175 Coaching / Dashboard / Set up
                • 100 for $700

                  Every month
                  +$175 set up/training
                  • Recruiting outbound

                    Every 3 months
                    Please DO NOT book this unless you have been sent the link!
                    Valid for 12 months
                    • We are beta testing one day per week for 8 hours
                    • Need 5 teams to do this
                    • DO NOT BOOK unless we have the 5 please!!
                  • Want more listings?

                    Learn about CashCPO
                    Free Plan
                    • Expert Course

                      Perfect for real estate agents who want a constant stream of listing leads
                      • How to create your list in less than 5 minutes
                      • What to say to the HR Directors
                      • What to ask them on the appt
                      • How to follow up
                      • Formula for how many you need to create 10+ listings a month
                    CPO Agents are trained and coached in the process

                    There is one CPO Expert per market, where available. CPO-Certified also applies to agents who are committed to their ongoing training in this field. 

                    Your Toolkit as a registered CPO Agent:

                    • Exclusive agent - and tools in your zips. Note that other
                      members can write offers in your zips if they own surrounding zips.

                    • Use of the CPO Logo

                    • Presentation to use at Listing Presentations with Sellers, to edit to
                      your brand, print out and laminate

                    • Scripts

                    • Monthly coaching call with CPO experts

                    • Private Group for Questions

                    • Ongoing marketing of the CPOexpert network to bring sellers to you

                    • Other tools regularly added

                    • Optional add on - Follow Up Speed - under $200 per month
                      - pre-built funnel to use f
                      or FSBO/Expired/Withdrawn etc with landing pages, Intelligent drips, - plus use this for all of your other funnels! Example of landing page, which triggers drips that bring you calls!

                    • Links for exclusive deals on fsbo and expired leads and guidance how to have them automatically feature on your CRM for follow up by your agents


                    Membership is granted on a first-come first-served basis. We will send you log-in information for membership payment as soon as your application has been accepted.

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