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CashCPO - the evolution of Real Estate

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CEO / VP Positions with CashCPO Team











This is the FAB FOUR! They kicked off Assisted Living, as we build 47 more VPs of that niche.

Opportunity Overview:

  • CEO - for each niche, supported by 50 VPs (one per state) for each niche. Coach your niche VPs for an hour once a week on zoom.

  • Vice President (VP) - CashCPO Team (see niches click on OPTIONS). 50 VPs (one per state) for each niche. Coach our niche experts one hour per week on zoom.

  • Experts - for each niche. Exclusive zip codes may be still available for your market. Join hundreds of top agents and teams already getting lots of listing appointments with our killer scripts(click on Agent Plans)

  • Platform: Utilize our national platform to showcase your expertise with our proven model.

  • Lead Generation: Enjoy a continual flow of listing leads generated for you and your team - in any of these roles.





















Time Commitment

The VP / CEO position will likely require 1-2 hours per week, with flexibility to focus on listing homes or referring listings to partners.


About CashCPO:


CashCPO, led by founder Rowena Patton, is a pioneering real estate network offering full-market value cash offers. We're expanding our team to explore niche markets, providing innovative solutions and empowering our team for corporate and direct seller success.


Job Description:


As a VP or CEO at CashCPO, you'll embody our unique value proposition (UVP), becoming a leading figure in either a local or national market. Your role involves guiding various specialist areas within our model. Choose one of these areas where you have experience - you can always add others later. Click on CashCPO options if you want to explore the areas in more detail.


  • Assisted Living CPO: Aid seniors in transitioning to assisted living.

  • Divorce CPO: Support divorcing couples with property sales.

  • Builder CPO: Represent builders, focusing on new constructions.

  • Relocation CPO: Assist clients with smooth relocations.

  • Retirement CPO: Help clients secure retirement living arrangements.

  • Foreclosure CPO: Assist distressed sellers and prevent foreclosures.

  • Agent CPO: Collaborate with agents in securing cash offers.

  • STR CPO: Helping STRs sell as they often don’t want to advertise the sale

  • Bank CPO: Helping banks help clients avoid foreclosure, or handling REO properties



  • State Real Estate License.

  • Existing listing experience preferred.

  • Proven leadership in real estate or a related field.

  • Strong business, communication, and negotiation skills.

  • Ability to meet/exceed targets.

  • Passionate about real estate with an entrepreneurial spirit.



  • Local to national growth opportunities without travel requirements.

  • Add B2B experience to your portfolio.

  • Financial rewards including sales bonuses and potential business ownership.

  • Be part of an innovative, full-market value cash offer strategy.

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Join Us:


Embark on a journey with CashCPO to redefine real estate, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize seller needs. Contact us for a confidential discussion about your future as a VP with CashCPO.


Our Story:


From CPO Experts in 2007 to CashCPO in 2023, we've been redefining real estate for over 16 years. Our innovative approach, including a swift cash delivery system and enhanced seller value, has set new industry standards.


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Our Story

Evolution of CPO Experts to CashCPO: A 16-Year Journey

In 2007, Ro founded CPO Experts with a vision to revolutionize the home selling process. The foundation was laid on the principle of offering sellers a better way to sell their homes. CPO Experts pioneered a comprehensive approach by providing pre-inspected, appraised properties coupled with a home warranty, setting a new standard in the real estate industry.

As the real estate landscape evolved, so did CPO Experts. In 2023, after 16 years of industry leadership, the network underwent a transformative shift. Recognizing the changing needs of sellers and the dynamic market conditions, the focus transitioned to a cutting-edge solution known as 'CashCPO.'

CashCPO represents a significant leap forward, introducing a revolutionary concept in the form of a full market value cash offer. This innovative approach allows the utilization of investor funds upfront to create a Certified Pre-owned Offer, streamlining the selling process for homeowners.

Key Features of CashCPO:

  1. Swift Cash Delivery:

    • Sellers can now receive cash within a remarkable 12 days, offering unparalleled speed and convenience.

  2. Enhanced Value for Sellers:

    • A staggering 2/3 of sellers experience greater financial returns compared to traditional sales methods.

  3. Elimination of Hassles:

    • Say goodbye to the stress of showings and the uncertainty of contingent offers. CashCPO provides a seamless selling experience.

  4. No Waiting, No Fixes:

    • With CashCPO, sellers enjoy the benefit of selling their homes without the need for repairs or waiting for the right buyer.

Simply a Better Way to Sell Your Home:

CashCPO redefines the home selling journey, offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the conventional norms. It's not just about selling a property; it's about empowering homeowners to make confident and efficient decisions.

At CashCPO, we are committed to providing a superior home selling experience, and our Certified Pre-owned Offer is a testament to that commitment. Join us in embracing a future where selling your home is simplified, lucrative, and hassle-free. Experience the evolution from CPO Experts to CashCPO – a journey that puts the seller's needs at the forefront of innovation in real estate.

Meet The Team

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