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CPO Agents are trained and coached in the process

There is one CPO Expert per market, where available. CPO-Certified also applies to agents who are committed to their ongoing training in this field. 

Your Toolkit as a registered CPO Agent:

  • Exclusive agent - and tools in your Town/City

  • Use of the CPO Logo

  • Presentation to use at Listing Presentations with Sellers, to edit to
    your brand, print out and laminate

  • Scripts

  • Monthly coaching call with CPO experts

  • Private Group for Questions

  • Ongoing marketing of the CPOexpert network to bring sellers to you

  • Other tools regularly added


Membership is granted on a first-come first-served basis. We will send you log-in information for membership payment as soon as your application has been accepted.

Next Steps?
Text 828-222-4920 with your full name, and which zip codes you would like to see if they are available. Zips are then exclusive to you as the CPO expert in your area. 

Pricing (payment methods sent once we check whether your area is available)

CPO 1 Zip/Postal Code $25/mo + $250 1 time setup      
Add 2 Zipcodes for only $10 more!

Add 4 Zipcodes for only $25 more!
Add 9 Zipcodes for only $50 more!
BEST VALUE!! That's a total of 10 Zipcodes for only $75! Only $7.50 ea.

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