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Explore the Potential of Short-Term Rentals: An Investment and Management Guide

To Our Valued Investors and Prospective STR Owners:

Short-Term Rentals (STRs) present a dynamic investment opportunity in today's real estate market. As an investor, your journey into STRs requires a strategic approach:

  • Strategic Business Planning**: Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your growth trajectory, potential challenges, and market opportunities, especially considering local regulations and target demographics.

  • Effective Rate Optimization**: Employ dynamic pricing tools to balance maximum revenue with market competitiveness. Tools like Beyond, DPGO, and PriceLabs can automate this process, utilizing real-time data for informed decision-making.

  • Adopting Technology for Efficiency: Embrace technologies that streamline STR management, including channel managers, direct booking sites, and digital guidebooks. These tools not only save time but also enhance the guest experience.

Dedicated Service Providers (Cleaners, Maintenance, Property Management):

Your expertise and services are crucial to the success and smooth operation of STRs. Property management firms offer a wide range of services, from guest communication to cleaning and maintenance. Your role is pivotal in ensuring guest satisfaction and the upkeep of properties.

  • Integration of Services: Consider partnerships or integrations with platforms like Breezeway for streamlined scheduling and task management. Your services contribute significantly to the positive experiences of guests, thereby boosting the reputation and success of STR properties.

Financial Partners and Those Exploring STR Financing:

Understanding the financial landscape is key for successful STR investment. 

  • Navigating Funding Options

  • We delve into various financing methods for STRs, including traditional mortgages and innovative financing solutions. Your support as financial partners is vital in realizing the potential of STR investments.

Comprehensive Resources and Tools:


We provide a wealth of resources to keep you informed and at the forefront of STR management and investment.

  • Dynamic Pricing and Analytics

  • Tools like PriceLabs offer data-driven pricing and insightful market analytics, essential for making informed investment decisions.

Educational Materials

Stay ahead with our curated selection of blogs, webinars, and industry events. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding and skills in STR management and investment.


The STR market offers unique opportunities and challenges. We invite you to explore these possibilities and leverage the resources provided to achieve success in this exciting investment landscape.

Your investment, your terms. Let's make your STR journey a triumph together.

How it works when you sell your str whether to do something else, or to invest in another one:

1. You receive a cash offer on your home for up to 70% of its market value within 12 days.


2. We work with our vendors to make any necessary updates your home – from new paint, new roof, landscaping, and everything in between.

3. We get to work on listing your home and receiving a top-dollar offer.

4. Once your home sells, you keep all the upside! 2/3 of sellers make more than they would on a traditional home sale, without all the headaches of repairs, renegotiation, and showings.

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