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Expired want to meet you 74% of the time. Fsbos 94% of the time

Updated: Jan 14

And why wouldn't they!

Expired sellers are ticked off their home didn't sell. The last thing they want is to go through all of those showings again, or have to fix the items that caused their last deal to drop out. FSBOs are excited when you call them as they have just listed, and 92% end up listing with an agent. Follow up weekly with your cash offer.....

2/3 of sellers get more with our full market value cash offer at than with a traditional listing. And you get paid to write the offer, AND you get the listing.

Imagine being able to call and say: "Good morning Ms Expired, my buyer Mr *** sent me your home this morning, and would like to make an offer at [insert expired price]. What's that? Why didn't I sell it when it was listed? I just became certified as the exclusive CashCPO expert in this area so now I am able to bring it." 74% appointment conversion

Nervous about spending money in this softening market? It costs $25 a month to get started with an exclusive zip. Join 1200 agents (at Jan 2023) and provide another option for your sellers. Once you lock in that zip, it is exclusive to you. You can still write on zips around you, as you are now a CashCPO member.

"Good morning Mr FSBO, my buyer Mr *** sent me your home this morning, and would like to make an offer at [insert fsbo price]. 94% appointment conversion.

If you currently have listings - go ahead and demand a full market value cash offer at the button. Sellers often complain that we don't bring in buyers - go ahead and get them an offer! Make sure you put all the details in there. Or - start with a $25 zip and until agents own the others around you, write offers daily on expired, fsbos, ready to list, home value requests.... and claim this as your own as a CashCPO expert. Lots of - training self-paced, free and available online, as well as one on one calls.

How does it work? Here is a discovery video - use cashcpo as the password. Or see the step by step here if you prefer to see it in writing.

All the drips are written for you, social media posts done for you! Interested in Corporate Career Opportunities with the CashCPO team?

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