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Who is this gal, Cash CPO Founder, Rowena Patton?

Rowena Patton was a Management Consultant and now a Business Coach, who has been a passionate advocate for Unique Value Proposition across many different industries for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t understand how ‘it’s always been done this way’ fits into a leadership mindset, or gets things done in an efficient, cost-effective - or fun way. She began her career in the 90s with start-up businesses, and brought that learning into top 50 Fortune businesses, working directly with boards, helping CEOs rethink their business, bringing start-up mentality and growth back into their business DNA.

She moved from the UK in 1996 and then to the Carolinas in 2006, when she continued to experience the challenges of real estate as a buyer. That led to her license. Ro had already remodeled, flipped or held 40+ homes (in her spare time when she was in other businesses) and decided to get her real estate license in order to understand what was being thrust upon her from the real estate world, which felt foreign and tainted with smoke and mirrors. Her clients describe her as ‘not your average real estate agent’, and as someone that adds a marketing boost coupled with business acumen to each transaction. She started out as the international rookie of the year in 2007, and 3500+ transactions since 2007 have built an important bank of learning and experience.

After teaching and coaching across 50+ offices, she condensed those classes into a book ‘Find Your Unique Value Proposition’ that went bestseller on day one of launch in 2017. The working title of the book was ‘The Way We Do Real Estate Sucks’. She hosts a Radio Show ‘The Real Estate News Radio Show’ that has been syndicated on Iheart radio since 2010.

In 2024, she added the book 'CashCPO - get your full market value cash offer'. As the real estate market shifts, she's added another way to get all of the cash as sellers get 90-120% of what they would get with a traditional listing, without the hassle.

Having grown up in the UK, moving to Washington DC in 1996, then Los Angeles, Miami Beach and finally Asheville NC in 2006, she has an easy way of working with those from different cultures, backgrounds and geography.

Ro beat a cancer diagnosis in 2001, and then heart failure in 2024, along with a sprinkling of cancer. There's no keeping this gal down. If this gal from England who came from nothing can do it - you can too!

When Ro is not coaching, writing, working with clients, or generally obsessing over work, she is tending to her mini dachshund Sophie, leaving her in tender care when she travels. She loves to cook, and general foodie experiences. She focuses on being the best friend, partner, supporter, and cheerleader that her friends and family deserve.

Ro's Passions

Education through the live radio show, and podcast 2011 -: - live every Saturday at 10am and podcast

Sharing her silly acts, and things that things have happened in her life to help others who think they 'can't'. This is the girl that left home at 15 to escape the beatings, put herself through college, and is still alive some years later. Yes, YOU can! Here's a vanilla version of her raising rats, and putting corn cobs down the waste disposal.

Education through writing books

The core programs in the book shown in the listing video she uses herself (she walks the talk)

Cash CPO: No Showings; Full Market Value Cash Offer for Your Home! 2024

Education through teaching

Ro was on the road weekly until 2017 around the country. This moved to zoom in the main, and she is brought in 'in person' as and when!

Coming Soon - sharing a cancer diagnosis and heart failure, and how yes YOU can recover and thrive.

Helping Seniors escape a lot of the stress when going into Assisted Living Ro has experienced this with friends and family. They explore options for years, choose one, then go on a wait list for years. Finally they get the call, and it's a super scramble to get the home ready, go through showings, and often get 70% - 80% of what the value could be if there were time, money and energy to refresh the home. She created to address this issue.

The Economic Cycle. Not just real estate! Ro is super passionate about cutting the hype and understanding the headlines. Work on facts, and make more intelligent decisions.

Throwback Ro

Ro left college and worked for a marketing company. Within 2 years she was the co-director, and started 3 more companies - PR / Photography / Management Consulting within the next 9 years. Yep, shoulder pads and all. 1995 - 2007 she was a management consultant, with the major contract to help 300 International CEOs for a major company, helping them launch new companies - many of them 'e' based companies because of the time. Largest contract within that was working with the CEOs directly after being asked by the Chairman to interview them to ask the question 'what made you successful'. 2007 was the first year in real estate. She had bought a 4 unit building, and had such a bad experience with a real estate agent that she thought she had to get her own license.

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