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Navigating Syracuse's Real Estate Landscape: Insights from Expert Chip Hodgkins

Are you curious about the rapidly evolving real estate market in Syracuse, New York?

Our latest radio show, "Exploring Emerging Trends and Opportunities in the Syracuse Real Estate Market," featuring guest expert Chip Hodgkins, is a treasure trove of insights you don't want to miss. Chip is well-known both in the Syracuse market, as well as nationwide as a trusted Realtor.

This episode is especially relevant for those interested in Assisted Living or considering a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) approach to real estate. Assisted living seniors are most often on a waiting list for YEARS and then the call comes that a unit is open. Our full market value cash offer allows them to jump on that unit, with a large cash advance in 12 days. See more and listen to Chip on the episode at

The Syracuse Real Estate Boom: A Micron Effect

Chip Hodgkins, a renowned name in the Syracuse real estate scene, sheds light on how Micron's major relocation is reshaping the local market. This move is not just a boon for job growth but also a potential goldmine for real estate investments. Chip explains,

With Micron's relocation, we're witnessing a remarkable upsurge in demand. This shift is turning Syracuse into an attractive spot for both investors and new residents.

Retirement Realities: Challenges and Opportunities

The show takes an honest look at the challenges facing retirees in Syracuse, particularly the impact of high state taxes on housing decisions. As Chip points out,

While the market is vibrant, retirees need to navigate these fiscal hurdles carefully

This segment is crucial for anyone considering retirement in Syracuse or any area in the US, or looking to invest in properties that cater to this demographic.

Assisted Living and Real Estate: A Critical Intersection

An intriguing part of the conversation revolves around the intersection of assisted living and real estate. The market is influencing buyer preferences and underlining the importance of quick turnovers in assisted living facilities. Chip notes:

The real estate market is directly affecting how assisted living facilities or CCRs operate, emphasizing the need for efficient, well-positioned properties. Our program allows seniors to get a large cash advance within 12 days, and then us to partner with our funding partner and them use their funds upfront to spruce up the home, getting the most money for them at this critical time, when they need to 'jump' on that call that says a unit is available.

Transforming Homes for Quick Sales: The Cash CPO Edge

Highlighting the innovative services of the cash CPO team, the show delves into their role in preparing homes for rapid sales. This approach is revolutionizing the way homes are marketed and sold, particularly appealing to those dealing with antique properties. And - it's not just the sale that is rapid, there is 70% cash advance available within 12 days and the rest as soon as the home is spruced up or remodeled using the funding partner's money upfront.

The Thrilling World of Real Estate Investing and House Flipping

For the adventurous at heart, the episode explores the realm of real estate investing and house flipping. Chip shares his expertise on how strategic renovations can dramatically increase a property's value, leading to quicker sales and less stress for sellers. Chip remarks:

Renovations, when done strategically, can transform a property's appeal and market value - now with CashCPO the full market value cash offer that also takes care of any refresh or remodel, we can use our funding partner's cash to get the most bang for the buck for our seller - especially so important if they are considering Assisted living - however for everyone! Who wants showings, inspections and fixes if they don't need it!

The CPO Advantage in Real Estate Transactions

A significant part of the discussion is dedicated to the benefits of using a Certified Pre-Owned program in real estate. This innovative approach is gaining traction for its ability to attract more buyers and potentially command higher prices. Chip elaborates:

The CPO program is a game-changer. It provides buyers with assurance and sellers with a competitive edge. I have been operating in the Certified Pre-Owned arena for years, and now we have a funding partner to take care of the cash needed to get absolute most for my sellers.

This episode with Chip Hodgkins is a must-listen for anyone interested in the Syracuse real estate market, whether you're an investor, retiree, a home seller of any kind or looking into assisted living options. The insights shared by Chip provide a comprehensive overview of the current trends and future opportunities in this dynamic market. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding and stay ahead in your real estate endeavors.

Don't miss this enlightening episode. Listen now to "Exploring Emerging Trends and Opportunities in the Syracuse Real Estate Market with Guest Expert Chip Hodgkins" for valuable perspectives that could shape your real estate decisions. Listen to Chip on this episode at

Editors note:

Chip was a real friend to Rowena Patton, who has been hosting the since 2011. During covid, the live show that broadcasts worldwide every Saturday at 10am est could not be recorded in the studio. Chip and a few other diehards hopped on zoom and recorded the show with Ro to keep it going for 3 months!

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Rowena Patton
Rowena Patton
Jan 07

Chip was so amazing when we were going through covid. The studio shut down for 12 weeks - I have been broadcasting live for 12 years, and he and a few other top agents hopped on zoom so we could do a recorded show to broadcast. I'll forever be in his service.

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