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The Art of Mastering Short-Term Rental Investments and Operations

Updated: Feb 7

Podcast available at this link - aired live in 2024.

Short term rentals
Short Term Rental Experts

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Discover the insider secrets of short-term rental investing as we unravel the complex landscape with industry expert PJ Glenn. Together, we tackle the nuances of navigating city regulations, the impact on traditional hospitality, and how everyday hosts are maximizing their income in markets like Asheville and Wilmington. Whether you're an investor, host, or someone curious about the intersection of real estate and tourism, our conversation sheds light on the strategies and challenges that shape this bustling industry.

Cleaners take center stage in the second chapter of our discussion, as I recount personal tales of the vital yet oft-overlooked work they perform to maintain the high standards guests expect. From finding forgotten items to the critical role of maintenance professionals, our talk is packed with insights on running a seamless operation. Plus, service providers won't want to miss the chance to increase their visibility in the short-term rental market by getting listed on our recommended resources.

Finally, we wrap things up with pearls of wisdom on property design, the savvy use of multiple rental platforms, and the importance of a well-crafted check-in guide. I also share my experience with choosing durable materials like luxury vinyl plank flooring, the benefits of neutral paint colors, and the criticality of meticulous maintenance records. As the landscape shifts, and some owners pivot to long-term rentals, we introduce the STR CPO program, a game-changer for those looking to navigate the selling and reinvestment process effortlessly. Join us for a comprehensive journey through the ever-evolving world of short-term rentals, where practical advice meets real-world applications.

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Podcast available at this link - aired live in 2024.

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