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CashCPO 101: How does CashCPO work for Agents?

Updated: Feb 20

The Process For Exclusive (by zip) Agents:

  1. Sign up for a zip code or lock up how many you want. From $7.50 per zip per month plus a reasonable start up (one-off) fee. Choose your package at the sign up link.

  2. Onboard here, with your password.

  3. DM Ro with your chosen VP role, costs you nothing and you get free training in that niche. To choose your niche, click on OPTIONS in the navigation bar and choose one of the areas. You will be able to see the following links when you have gone through onboarding. For example Assisted Living Divorce CPO - Overview of CashCPO - Relocation CPO Order your clipboards ($10) - important order the CLEAR ones so that your Expert Badge shows through! Just print out the sheet and face it backwards. Question Sheets to take with you to the Assisted Living, Clients, Divorce Attorneys etc - all with different expert badges!

  4. Set up your lead flow get leads here to flow to your CRM or fello - or use zapier to drop the leads into a spreadsheet.

  5. Get your scripts here

  6. Calls - 74% + appointment rates - make 2 contacts and you have a listing appt. FSBO / Expired / Potential sellers

    1. Objection 'why didn't you sell it when it was listed', your answer, I just became a CashCPO certified expert.

  7. Enter the mortgage (from fello or RVM) and the Sales Price as is into the calculator to make sure it has enough equity before you put it in for approval! Put in for approval at - click on the Get Cash Offer buttonMake sure you hit the MORE button at the bottom of the form and add the values from fello / Zestimate (paste address in your url and type zestimate and enter / and RVM

  8. Initial Meeting: Meet the seller. Make the appointment and immediately put it in for approval (2) and set the date to meet out a couple of days, that way you will be able to take the approved full market value cash offer. Assess if the home is a suitable fit, and discuss whether a traditional listing might be more appropriate. Agents set their commission at this stage. Build in the CashCPO offer to your listing presentation - you can see an example here - you are welcome to copy if you would like. We laminate these and take two copies so that the agent has bullet points when presenting!

  9. Contract and Upfront Cash: Once under contract, sellers receive up to 70% upfront cash, allowing them to make non-contingent offers on new homes.

    1. Objection: the commission is more because of the funding partner's share - you will have the net sheet with you that compares a traditional listing with a CashCPO offer and listing, and 2/3 of sellers get more. See all the scripts here.

  10. Inspection and Appraisal: Managed and funded upfront by the CashCPO team, we collaboratively decide on necessary disclosures, repairs, and potential upgrades ranging from a simple deep clean to major renovations. Collaboration is between you as the agent, the seller, and our funding partner.

  11. Remodeling and Repairs: The CashCPO team provides the funds upfront for any agreed-upon repairs and remodeling, with the agent’s local expertise guiding what’s needed to maximize the home’s value.

  12. Relisting and Selling: The agent then relists the home. Certified Pre-Owned homes not only sell faster but often at a higher price than traditional listings. Everything is fixed, some things are cleaned or painted or refreshed. The agent has the best competitive listing on the market.

  13. Final Sale: The home sells, and the seller receives the remaining proceeds, minus standard real estate fees, a 4.9% fee to the funding partner, and any remodeling costs. All costs are discussed when presenting the offer to the seller in the first place, with a simple to understand net sheet. 2/3 of sellers get more than a traditional listing. .9% is added by the funding partner for each month the home sits, however the seller is no longer paying the mortgage; or has access to the majority of the equity with no fees.

The Certified Pre-Owned Advantage: Certified Pre-Owned homes have a significantly lower dropout rate (around 7%) compared to traditional listings which run around 32% drop out, usually due to the inspection and appraisal. Rowena Patton, CashCPO founder has run the CPO program where sellers used to pay to set up the inspection and appraisal, and taught the program to thousands of agents around the country, and wrote a best-seller on the program. Since 2017, no CashCPO home has failed to sell, and our goal this year is to purchase 5,000 homes.

The Financial Edge:Two-thirds of sellers using CashCPO make more than they would with a traditional listing. This success is attributed to the elimination of inspection issues and updates, which often include just a fresh coat of paint or floor buffing, leading to remarkable transformations.

CashCPO is not just a service; it's a revolution in home selling, offering agents and homeowners an unparalleled edge in the real estate market.

For Non-Exclusive Agents:  

Agents who aren’t exclusive members of CashCPO can still leverage our unique offerings. By clicking the 'GET CASH OFFER' button, they can request a full market value offer for their clients. Ownership of a zip and area starts at $25 per month. We will also refer the large number of cash offer requests to you while an agent does not have exclusivity in your zip.

Interested in Corporate Career Opportunities with the CashCPO team?

Agents who are not exclusive CashCPO members can request a full market value offer at the 'GET CASH OFFER' button.

At CashCPO, we're revolutionizing the real estate market by offering full market value cash offers for homes, changing the way agents and homeowners approach the selling process. Here’s how it works:

For Non-Exclusive Agents:  

Agents who aren’t exclusive members of CashCPO can still leverage our unique offerings. By clicking the 'GET CASH OFFER' button, they can request a full market value offer for their clients. Ownership of a zip and area starts at $25 per month. We will also refer the large number of cash offer requests to you while an agent does not have exclusivity in your zip.

Exclusive Agent Advantages:  

  • Exclusive CashCPO agents receive extensive training and personalized support from our team.

  • They are adept at writing immediate full market value offers for various scenarios (through extensive free training) including FSBOs (For Sale By Owner), expired listings, and their own listings.

  • Builders, Assisted living facilities, Banks and Divorce attorneys are sending them a constant lead flow of their seller clients who need help.

  • Remember, always take a cash offer to your listing presentations – it's a game-changer and takes 5 minutes! See an example of a listing presentation with it built in here.

  • CashCPO members get a library of training available at any time and self paced, as well as one on one calls.

  • Social media posts are 'done for you' as well as press releases and videos - all done for you at no additional fee.

  • CashCPO members also get use of our book 'CashCPO' to take with them to lift credibility on each appointment. Many CashCPO members are featured in the book.

High Appointment Acceptance Rates:  

Our approach is proving irresistible, with expired sellers accepting appointments 74% of the time and FSBOs at a staggering 94%. The concept is also a hit with builders and assisted living centers, providing a quick and effective solution for their clients. Banks appreciate it too, as it helps their clients avoid foreclosure.

Training for Diverse Markets:  

Our training encompasses how to tap into different markets, including builders, assisted living centers, and banks, turning these opportunities into your clients. Click on Options to see more at

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Love that I've joined the team and can't wait to do my first cash offer in Morganton and Hickory NC. Call me if you're east of Asheville.

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